Living fearless

23 questions to ask yourself before blogging‘ by Darren Rowe. I just finished this article and was left feeling a bit fearful. Why? Because the blog was saying that anything we put out there will be scrutinized, criticized, and archived. My first blog ever was yesterday actually, and was risky since I put out a whole lot more about my life than i normally share. Its not for my reputation that I fear, it’s really about the people who are closest to me, the ones whose lives are involved in that blog. It is what it is though, and I want any woman or man looking for ‘the One’ to hopefully gain a perspective that frees them from the lies many people believe, the lies I was once victim to. If it inspires one person it’ll be worth it, and the good hearted people involved, even the exes, would agree.  So I’ll shake off this fear through prayer, knowing that God above knows my and their whole life story so far, still loves us, and go on for Him and His truth that will set us free.

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