South Carolina suspends planned parenthood clinics

Two out of the three abortion clinics in South Carolina have had their licenses suspended, though all three are found to be in violation of state laws. Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s governor with a back bone of steel, ordered the inspections done after seeing the undercover footage taken of Planned Parenthoods practices which uncovered the chilling facts that they profit by selling body parts of the ones they removed from the womb.

The clinics have been found to be in violation of a number of state laws, the fact that they do not bury or cremate the deceased which state law dictates, but rather have hauled many to the landfill. They have been fined minimally.


My heart is heavy. There are different levels of violations of laws that deserve different punishment–jail, prison, fine, or community service, ect… I’m just so saddened that so many cry for harsh punishment for very little hurt done, and yet when something so awful it makes us want to turn our faces from it, there’s hardly a slap on the wrist. I am grateful the governor is keeping people accountable, yet I just would like to see real justice.

I once thought the world is overpopulated and certain people are not ready to be parents, making abortion a smart choice. Now I believe that more women and men should really consider other alternatives to ending a life.  Yes, a cell is the smallest unit of living matter. A cell has life. I know there were times my mother wished she had aborted me before I had a brain wave, and times I wished she’d put me up for adoption. Now I cherish being able to call her whenever, and now she considers me one of the greatest gifts of her life. The poor thing 🙂 The best things in life are often unplanned. I have a daughter who I love with all my heart, and it kills me thinking I would have probably done a D&C if I had realized I was pregnant sooner. I know the pain those choices bring, and if anyone reading this understands that pain I want you to know there’s healing and forgiveness, it’s there if you ask.

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